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Freelance United Provides Stress-Free Invoicing, Accounting, And Tax Payment For Self-Employed UK Professionals

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What Is Freelance United?

We know that freelancers have to wear a lot of hats. Whether it’s tracking invoices, processing payments, or calculating tax payments to HMRC, freelancers spend a lot of time on administrative work—time that could otherwise be turned into billable hours.

Freelance United can change that.

Freelance United is a career management platform for self-employed professionals in the UK. It takes over many of the recurring, time-consuming administrative tasks that come with a freelance career and either automates them or simplifies them.

Partnering with Freelance United means happier clients, smoother relations with HMRC, and more time to spend on the work that’s important.

Send Invoices Quickly And Easily:

Send professional-looking invoices to your clients with Freelance United’s invoicing system.

Get Paid On Time:

Client payment and non-payment is handled through Freelance United, so that you won’t have to chase down reluctant clients yourself.

Schedule Your Income:

A regular, reliable pay schedule makes it easy to budget for your personal expenses.

Save Money:

Freelance United automatically calculates your tax liability on every invoice, saving you money on fees, overpay, and accounting.

Insurance Included:

Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and Employers Liability Insurance are all included when you join Freelance United.

Free Until Your First Paid Invoice:

Don’t pay for overhead that you’re not using; Freelance United is free until you have a paid invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Freelance United Only For Certain Professions?

Freelance United is for designers, developers, writers, media industry specialists, and any freelance UK professionals who would like to spend less time on paperwork and more time on the work that’s important.

Will Freelance United Mesh Easily With My Existing business?

Of course—it’s easy to manage your existing business with Freelance United. Your clients will still receive invoices with your branding so they won’t notice the difference. 

I've Only Just Started—Is Freelance United Right For Me?

If you’re new to freelancing there is a major learning curve when starting out, byt using Freelance United we take the guess work out for you.
If you’re worried about incurring overhead that you don’t need, don’t be! Freelance United is free until you receive payment on your first invoice.

Our Most Advanced Invoicing & collection platform


Free up your time

Freelancers are busy people, when you’re not working on projects you’re out there trying to generate new business. You don’t need to be worrying about if you’ve been paid or sent an invoice reminder out to the late payers, let alone the hassle of doing your accounts.
Freelance United has been built from the ground up so you can spend less time worrying about the business side of thing and concentrate on the building side of your business.

Why you should use Freelance United

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Time Savings

Any Freelance platform should put the free back into freelancing. Freelance United allows you to focus on delivering brilliant work for your clients while we handle the rest

Time savings icon

Cash flow

Keeping control on your cash flow is one of the most important skills when freelancing, but it’s hard when money is coming in at different points of the month. We fix this

Save Relationships


It’s easy for a freelancer and client relationship to go sour over late payments. Let our team of credit controllers deal with it. It’s more professional and you stay the good guy or girl.

Dealing with HMRC

We Deal with HMRC

There is nothing worst than spending all day trying to contact HMRC, so don’t do it. Leave it us for all your HMRC enquiries and do more of what you should be doing

No Accountant Needed

No need for Accountants

By being part of Freelance United accountant fees will be a thing of the past. Since we deal with all the invoicing and payments you get to keep the money in your pocket

Insurances Covered

Free Insurances

We have your insurances covered, once you join you will automatically have Public Liability, Professionals indemnity and Employers Liability.

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